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Curry Vault Indian Restaurant & Bar

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Situated just off Collins Street, in the heart of Melbourne city, Curry Vault Indian Restaurant & Bar has some very respectable neighbours and does a good job of keeping up with the Joneses. The eatery combines modern culinary techniques and traditional Indian flavours to create a unique dining experience. The Curry Vault also fancies itself a bit of a wine bar, and there's some good Aussie drops on the menu.

Taking up residence in the picturesque Bank Place, situated off Collins Street and a mere stroll from the city's shopping centre. Curry Vault Indian Restaurant and Bar combines an eclectic mix of both modern and traditional Indian cuisine and techniques to create an authentic dining experience. Offering a relaxed ambience accompanied by efficient but unobtrusive service, Curry Vault is the perfect spot for a lazy lunch, after-work get-together, or dinner and drinks with friends.

Owner Jarrod, formerly of Niranker, and Chef Janak Gautam have created a diverse menu, incorporating classical Indian dishes with regional specialties. Finish the meal with mangu kulfi, a homemade Indian-style ice cream or gulab jamun, a dish of sweet milk dumplings in sugar and rosewater syrup. Curry Vault is also licensed with a wine list that focuses on drops from Victoria and South Australia. Takeaway is also available with 10% off the total bill.

Photography: Courtesy of Curry Vault Indian Restaurant & Bar

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