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Best Dishes to Eat in Sydney


We do the hard job of eating at the most exciting restaurants all over Sydney so we can pass it on to you. These are the meals we keep coming back to.

Anna Lisle

  1. Chiswick Woollahra

    Woollahra, Sydney, New South Wales

    Straight from the Moran family farm in the Central Tablelands, just south of Bathurst, this lamb tastes like the type of lamb that my Dad produces. The lamb is wood roasted for 4 hours, infusing a rich, smoky flavour and the meat literally falls off the bone in strings. Doused in a vibrant mint sauce, with a side of roasted pumpkin and baby carrots ($66, to share), this epitomises, to me, the perfect Sunday night meal.

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  2. Hotel Centennial

    Woollahra, Sydney, New South Wales

    Once only used by Italian restaurants serving authentic pizza, wood fire cooking is now popping up in some of Sydney's finest establishments, including newcomer Hotel Centennial. Unbeknown to many, the wood fire is tricky to use but once mastered, it's a formidable tool. You can't go past this old favourite: roast chicken, complete with roast gravy, greens and thyme (serves 2-3 people, $54).

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  3. The Grounds of Alexandria

    Alexandria, Sydney, New South Wales

    Steamed black mussels swim in a fragrant tomato sofrito with chunks of chorizo that provide an unusual contrast to the slipperiness of the mussel meat. The sofrito itself is a little too sweet especially with the mussels but the saltiness of the chorizo and the garlicky garlic bread counterbalance the dish with an aftertaste that leaves you wanting more and more and more. I want to eat the dish twice as fast as I physically can, a sure sign it's a winner?

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  4. Kepos Street Kitchen

    Redfern, Sydney, New South Wales

    More than a café, Kepos Street Kitchen delivers inventive Middle Eastern fare that will pleases from breakfast to dinner. It's hard to choose a favourite but Israeli born chef Michael Rantissi combines crunchy morsels of falafel with a smooth, not-too-garlicky hummus, and a piquant tabouleh to create a winner dish.

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