When do these terms apply?
  1. These terms will apply to all advertising or services in any publications produced by de Groots Media, who is the publisher.
  2. Publications are any digital or print medium published by de Groots Media or its subsidiaries.
  3. These terms do not apply to services where de Groots Media acts as an authorised reseller. If you request advertising or services where de Groots Media acts as a third party reseller, by accepting de Groots Media's Booking Order Approval, you accept the terms and conditions of that third party.
Placement of advertising
  1. You can request advertising or services in any publications owned by de Groots Media at any time directly with de Groots Media or agents approved by de Groots Media.
  2. de Groots Media will, when it accepts your request, send you an emailed Booking Order Approval which will contain the specific terms that will apply to the publication of your advertising to which you must reply with your acceptance. When you reply, this is recognized in our system as a booking confirmation and an invoice number will be created.
The publisher has the right to reject unsuitable material
  1. de Groots Media may reject or withdraw advertising at any time for any reason. The publisher is not liable to you if it does reject your advertising, withdraw your advertising or withdraw a publication that contains your advertising.
  2. Advertising material must be supplied as per the agreed deadline at time of booking. This deadline allows advertisers time to amend the material if it does not comply with industry standards.
  3. de Groots Media will try to place your advertising in the position that you request, but it cannot always do so. The publisher is not liable to you if your advertising does not appear in the place that you request.
  4. Advertisers agree to place advertising and promotional material only for lawful purposes. Users are prohibited from posting on or transmitting any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind, including but not limited to any material that encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any law whatsoever.
Specifications and deadlines
  1. Materials required to produce advertising must be delivered to de Groots Media by the date the publisher specifies. If it is not, the publisher may not be able to publish your advertising and is not liable to you for this. You will still be liable for the price quoted in the Booking Order Approval.
  2. The material must be in the form that de Groots Media requires for the publication in which the advertising is to be published. If you do not deliver the material in the required form, the Publisher can engage a third party to convert the material to the stated requirements. You must, within 14 days, pay de Groots Media for the costs of the conversion, plus a handling fee of 25%.
  3. Contact de Groots Media for the specification sheet.
  4. You may request for the return of your material from de Groots Media prior to the publication material deadline. You may have to pay any extra expenses incurred by the publisher.
  5. de Groots Media may change the release date of publications at anytime without notice.
  6. de Groots Media takes all reasonable endeavours to run bonus space in the magazine issue as agreed. However it reserves the right to move bonus space into a future issue if deemed necessary.
  7. If your advertising is editorial in style, de Groots Media may add the word “advertising” above or below the advertising.
Payment for advertising
  1. The Booking Confirmation will contain the amount you have to pay for the advertising. The cost does not include GST. de Groots Media will provide you with an invoice stating the costs and the GST payable.
  2. You must pay the invoice within the terms set by de Groots Media. You cannot alter the cost, even if you feel that the advertising was not placed or published in the manner that you expected. Invoices must be paid within the stated period as any terms offered will be voided by late payment.
  3. If you dispute the invoice, this claim must be made within 30 days of the invoice date to de Groots Media, otherwise you must pay the cost and GST payable as invoiced.
  4. All video production must have 50% deposit paid prior to filming. Any agreed additional expenses, including travel, additional hire fees, musical downloads and research, may occur extra cost.
Agency rebate
  1. de Groots Media may agree that advertising agents will get a rebate on the cost, but the rebate will only apply if you pay the cost (less the rebate, plus the GST payable) before the invoice due date. If you don't pay the cost, less the rebate by that date, you cannot claim the rebate – you must pay the cost and the GST payable.
Cancellation of advertising
  1. Cancellation of advertising bookings up to ten weeks before the scheduled date of publication of the magazine (Cancellation Deadline), will not be charged any fees.
  2. cancellation after the cancellation date will still incur the invoice costs. This applies if you the advertising is booked after the cancellation date.
Further terms and conditions

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