2 Restaurants in Stuart Park, Darwin and the North - NT.

Bamboo Lounge
Stuart Park - NT
Cuisines: Asian, Thai
$$$$ - $$$$
Accepts Best Restaurants Gift Card
Not Accepts Best Gift Certificates
Frying Nemo
Not Accepts Best Restaurants Gift Card
Stuart Park NT
$$$$ - $$$$
Cuisines: Burgers, Cafe, ...
Darwin is the city where nature reigns supreme. Closer to Asia in location and temperament than anywhere else in Australia, Darwin’s tropical climate boasts fiery summers and torrential rainy seasons, making it perfect for outdoor dining. Darwinites escape from the heat to shady outdoor restaurants where they can enjoy the abundant seafood that is pulled fresh from the coastline. The strong tourism market enjoys native Australian meats such as kangaroo, emu and crocodile while the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets showcase a collection of artistic goods and Thai and Chinese dishes.