Sydney, NSW

Chefs Gallery near Town Hall station provides a Sydney dining experience like no other; where the artistry of Chinese cuisine and art combine to indulge diners with a mouth-watering, multi-sensory Chinese experience. From the mesmerising display of the pulling of hand-made noodles behind the glass walled kitchen - to each artfully created dish from the sumptuous new menu, the experience is unique. These gourmet masterpieces from across China, coupled with the changing displays of contemporary Chinese artwork create a true gallery of stimulations to nourish the senses.

Opening Times
Regent Place, Shop G12
501 George Street
Sydney CBD
Tel: +61 2 9267 8877
Asian, Chinese
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$$$$ ~ $$$$
$$$$ = Mains under $20
$$$$ = Mains $20 - $30
$$$$ = Mains $30 - $40
$$$$ = Mains over $40
Licensed & BYO (wine only)
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There is a harmonious almost Taoist philosophy that pervades Chefs Gallery Town Hall. Perched near the corner of George and Bathurst Streets around the corner from the cinema belt, Chefs Gallery is a unique Chinese dining adventure. From the muted hues and finishes of its interior to the elegant displays of Chinese antiquities, there is an underlying subdued and sublime aesthetic.

But this serenity veils the industrious energy in its three special kitchens that produces Chefs Gallery’s exceptional, hand-made food. The menu presents masterpieces from all corners of China in a sumptuous kaleidoscopic explosion of fresh and exciting flavours, textures and aromas.

The signature Chefs Gallery fresh, handmade noodles take centre stage behind the glass-walled kitchen. Patrons can watch the culinary theatre as balls of special noodle dough are transformed to form the finished twists of delicate noodles, in a blur of dexterous hand movements by the master noodle chef. From traditional noodles to new flavours like spinach and squid ink, these silken strands are all freshly prepared, being pulled, split and folded in minutes and cooked specifically to your order.

Chefs Gallery embraces the Chinese cultural heritage of sharing meals – where dining is casual in its structure with no designated entrees or main courses. Instead, the Chapas ('tapas style' Chinese) offers an extensive range of creative dishes with a modern twist that are specially prepared in delicious small portions for sampling and sharing with family and friends. Among these are some traditional and familiar dishes that have also been given the Chefs Gallery Chapas treatment.

Chefs Gallery draws on the four traditional Chinese schools of cuisine: Lu (Shandong) Yang (Su) Yue (Guangdong/Cantonese) Chuan (Sichuan) with more than a nod to the influences of Peng Zu, Yuan Mei and Yi Yin, the ancient founders and legends of the traditions and subtle nuances of true Chinese dishes and culinary ceremony. Each menu item adheres to the yin and yang of dedicated cooking methods, combined with the meticulous selection of produce to bring you memorable dishes.
Long, thick ropes of dough are kneaded, rolled, then picked up from the bench to be yanked and stretched. The heavy ends are joined before clever wrist movements twist them together, before being wrenched and stretched again - the process repeating over and over until the heavy rope becomes hundreds of edible threads. These theatrical displays are performed in Sydney's newest dumpling house, Chefs' Gallery. The glorious knots of noodles may await a dollop of glossy soybean sauce that binds together finely minced pork and tiny cubes of tofu. Other knotted mounds are topped with chicken pieces glazed in a chilli-soy sauce that hides diced red capsicum, shallots and cheeky rings of sliced chilli. Some combed threads are dropped into a steaming broth of hot and sour soup,with dark shreds of fungus swimming between the tangled yarns. Beautiful inconsistencies in the form of ridges and bumps make no two noodles or mouthfuls the same.

Delicate pan-fried buns encase fatty pork mince that explodes with aromas once bitten through the spongy skin. These savoury pillows also come in sugary desserts with the Piggie Face steamed sesame buns looking so cute they're nearly inedible. The glossy white bun is the face of the cartoon-like piggies, complete with pink ears, snout and even a bow to make pretty piglets. Black sesame paste within is nutty and sweet – expect yourself to crave them later on and regret that the Chefs' Gallery doesn't do takeaway.
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501 George Street,
Regent Place, Shop G12
Sydney CBD NSW 2000
Entry from Bathurst Street.
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