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The Apollo is proof that a Greek taverna can be hearty and classy at once. Here, ancient and modern Greek flavours meet over a contemporary dining ethic. The Apollo's pared-back dining room features unclothed tables and bentwood chairs, which set off the simple beauty of the restaurant's vintage arched windows, through which diners can watch the trendy Potts Point set go by.
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44 Macleay Street
Potts Point NSW 2011


Potts Point




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$$$$ ~ $$$$


Fully Licensed (no BYO)

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Ken - 3/09/2012
Thursday 30th August 2012. This restaurant is way over rated. Wouldn't call the food Greek. Slow cooked lamb was terrible. I would give this restaurant a miss as lot better options available
Johnny - 23/05/2012
I found the food amazing, wine selection excellent, the waiters a plenty but they did tend to rush the description of the food somewhat when asked. The venue is Greek themed but impossible to have a comfortable discussion due to noise. Reservations would be advantagious, as would a cocktail bar to wait for a table. The bathrooms I give 10 out of 10. Overall 3 stars for The Apollo.
The barista - 7/04/2012
I had been waiting in anticipation of dining at Apollo well before it opened after having a conversation with Jonathan about his new venture while he was still at Manly Pavilion. After putting the word out to my usual group of Foodie friends we all agreed an a date (Tuesday night ) and proceeded to make a booking for 7pm. I was surprised to find out when I tried to book 2 weeks out for a table of 6 that they could not fit us in that night. For a restaurant that doesn't take booking I found that a little surprising - anyway I put my name on the wait list just in case. On the day I called to see if I might get lucky and maybe someone had cancelled but no luck...however they said to come in at 8.45 and we might get I again put my name down for a possible table. I advise my friends of this and started looking for other potential "walk in " restaurant options in Potts Point altho we were all really looking forward to eating at Apollo. In the end I arrived at 7pm with one of my friends to see what the situation is and sure enough they said a table of 6 is available at 7.30. WOW. So we took it of course. But why was it so difficult. The food and wine was amazing. Our group had a fantastic night there and we all want to go back for more. What was interesting was that there were a few empty tables when we sat down and they were not fully booked. I think restaurants that don't take bookings or try to be to clever with managing group bookings will loose out if they don't get this right. I eat out very regulary and always go back to places that have great food wine and service but if I get mucked around with bookings I loose interest. I hope that they get this sorted as it would be a shame to cross this place off my list of regulars.
Erin - 1/04/2012
The food was outstanding and the majority of staff delightful and knowlegable, however the maitre'de was rude and unhelpful and lied to to us. When the front person is approachable and difficult, it does makes you ask yourself the question....would I go back or recommend it to others?
Layla osta - 13/03/2012
I had one of my best dining experiences ever at the Apollo recently. Having dined out extensively over the years, it was astounding to actually experience familiar foods presented in such a refreshingly different manner. Grilled prawns. Amazing. Greek salad, delicious. The cocktail was out of this world, the service excellent and the atmosphere electric. Thank you for a beautiful dining memory.
cameron romeril - 7/03/2012
Sat 3rd March - We placed our name at the door and were informed that they would call us when the table came free in aprox 20 mins. Well after 40 mins we decided to walk back down and sure enough there were about 4 tables free! The first thing we were told was that there was no lamb! WTF, a greek restaurant that runs out of all their signature dishes which happen to all be lamb. So we resorted to lessor preferred options and watched everyone else gorge themselves on the lamb dishes that looked amazing. The prawns were 'so so' and the roast pork was reconstituted pork pieces cut into cube shapes resembling a can of spam meat, what were they thinking? In addition one of the pieces was so dry I had to send it back. Greek salad was as expected 'good' but the key entree they forgot totally about and it arrived after our plates had been cleared - The female waitress we has seemed distant and really not wanting to be near customers which did not help in the overall experience. The wine and the setting was good though. Overall, highly under whelmed given the hype.
Gerard - 16/02/2012
Well! Jonathan knows how to titillate the senses! He is bringing a new dimension to Greek cuisine. No mishap. Service is also impeccable. Bravo!
Victoria - 15/02/2012
Beautiful dining experience by one of the most talented chefs. Finally a great Greek restaurant comes to life in Sydney....Bring it on!
Gerard - 8/02/2012
I am waiting in anticipation for the opening of The Apollo, having experienced the innovative and creative culinary talents of Jonathan Barthelmess at the Manly Pavillon. Lets all enjoy his "cuisine du soleil"