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Best Thai Restaurants in Hobart


While you were drooling over Melbourne’s dining scene, sleepy Hobart became happening Hobart, with a serious foodie scene that’s likely to satisfy whatever tickles your fancy. Hankering for pad Thai between the Salamanca Markets and MONA? This list of the top Thai restaurants in Hobart has you covered.

Elizabeth Fenech

  1. All Thai

    North Hobart, Hobart and Surrounds, Tasmania

    Here’s a restaurant that uses Tasmanian ingredients, but flavour that is all Thai. Cut through the saucy, sweet mess that plagues most Thai restaurants in Hobart and try something authentic at All Thai. It’s cheap, tasty and will make you re-think what your go-to Thai favourite is supposed to taste like.

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  2. Vanidol's

    North Hobart, Hobart and Surrounds, Tasmania

    This modern Asian restaurant brings the signature flavours of Thailand, Indonesia and India to South Hobart. There’s a fairly extensive menu and the Thai dishes are offered on their own menu, so you know exactly what flavours you’re getting.

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  3. Monsoon Thai Fusion

    Hobart CBD, Hobart and Surrounds, Tasmania

    Monsoon is located in historic Old Hobart Town at Battery Point. The “fusion” in its moniker refers to the restaurant’s owners - one carnivorous Aussie and his vegetarian Thai partner, which means you’re guaranteed a great meal, whether or not you’re a meat eater. The kitchen’s specialties include twice cooked duck in plum sauce and market fresh Tasmanian seafood prepared with Thai traditions in mind.

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  4. Royal Thai Hobart

    North Hobart, Hobart and Surrounds, Tasmania

    North Hobart’s Elizabeth Street has become a foodie hub and Royal Thai Hobart just a couple of blocks up from where the hip restaurants cluster. The dishes here are tasty and satisfying and it’s quite a bit cheaper to take away than to dine in, so it’s a dependable option when you feel like having a munch in front of the telly. In house, the serving staff do the sweet Thai thing with ease.

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