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If anyone knows good food, it's the people behind the pots and pans; the chefs. Here, we've put together a list of where Australia's best chefs eat from their late night haunt and local cafe to their favourite international restaurant.

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Chef Recommendations
89 Chef Recommendations
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Jason Camillo
Jason Camillo
Late night dining at Melbourne Supper Club
When I first came to Melbourne I was introduced to the Supper Club by the team ...
Favourite international restaurant at Collins Kitchen
This would have to be our own Collins Kitchen here at Grand Hyatt Melbourne. Guests are ...
Luke Mangan
Luke Mangan
Special occasion at Catalina Rose Bay
Definitely Catalina Restaurant, Rose Bay. It's the ultimate Sydney dining experience. You can't beat a table ...
Late night dining at Mr Wong
Either Mr Wong's or Golden Century – go for their Peking ducks and late night dumplings.
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