Shierly Anonymous's Recommendations

Late night dining at Ms. G's
Favourite late night dining spot - Ms G's, the mini banh mi goes down well with beers.
Best winery - i haven't been to many but I do like the hunter valley - Brokenwood, Cricket Pitch collection
Favourite international restaurant at Porteno
Favourite international restaurant - porteno - the suckling pig and wagyu beef ribs are excellent
Best cafe at Devon Cafe
Devon cafe for breakfast spot, the ultimate toastie is to die for!  Best Coffee would have to be Single Origin.
Best kept secret at Four in Hand Dining Room
Best kept secret - I don't think this is a secret but Four in Hand, best whole suckling pig
Special occasion at Quay
Special occasion restaurant would have to be Quay - the berkshire pig jowl, maltose crackling is out of this world
Where the Best Chefs Eat