Paul Tyas's Recommendations

Special occasion at Flower Drum
You cannot go past Flower Drum. There is a reason they are an institution: great hospitality and a great wine list. My favourite dish would be a toss up between the pearl meat sauté with garlic chives and asparagus, and the peking duck wrapped in pancake with cucumber, spring onion & plum sauce.
Port Phillip Estate is a beautiful setting and they make some great new world wines. I always enjoy having lunch with a glass of Kooyong Clonale Chardonnay or a Kooyong Massale Pinot Noir.
Favourite international restaurant at est.
est. is my Sydney go-to. I would never venture up without popping in for a lunch or dinner to check out their seasonal tasting menu.
Late night dining at France-Soir
France soir is open to midnight and there is nothing better than a late night steak tartare, extra spicy.
Best cafe at Mr Brightside
Mr Brightside is my favourite cafe for the potato hash browns, beef brisket, poached eggs with grain mustard sauce. It’s my local - the staff are amazing as is the coffee and food.
Best kept secret at Johnny Ripe
My favourite dining secret is a farm gate just near Red Hill called Johnny Ripe. The best apple pies you will ever taste. Obviously, the apple pie & cream is a must and the pork terrine is not far behind.
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