Paul Davies's Recommendations

Best cafe at St Edmonds
I have a couple of favourite spots. It all depends on what I'm doing on that day as to which one I go to. I drink black coffee, so it can be hard to come buy a consistently good cafe - so when I find one I like, I return frequently. St Edmonds in Prahran would have to be one of those places. Great service and a well planned menu with a bit of everything on it. Their porridge topped with banana, walnuts, and quinoa is very good. For a beautiful black coffee, Monk Bodhi Dharma in Balaclava is always on mark, and of course Proud Mary in Collingwood are artists with there roasts
Late night dining at Radio Mexico
Radio Mexico in St Kilda is always pumping and a great place to go for some great food and beautiful cocktails. But one of the main reasons I keep coming bake to this place is the service. Fun, attentive staff, always there when you need that next margarita!
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