Paul Cooper's Recommendations

In NSW, Krinklewood in the Hunter Valley. Bio-dynamic wines, well made and well considered wines, and they don't take short cuts, just like at Bishop Sessa.
Special occasion at Sepia
I have a lot of respect for what Martin Benn is doing a Sepia. His food has been taken to a new level in recent times, and I think it will not be long before he is recognized as one of the best Australia. In Victoria, Dan Hunter has one of the restaurants I would dream of owning. he has a great philosophy, and certainly does things in a way that honours the product.
Best cafe at Booth St Bistro
For convenience, and because I like to support smaller places, Booth St Bistro is a great breakfast option, as they don't mind me taking 2 kids along with me. I always have the tomato, avocado and Persian fetta on whey and rye bread
Late night dining at Hartsyard
Late night dining: Late night dining is a bit of a luxury for me. On a busy night at Bishop Sessa, we will usually sit around after service as a team, and eat some food, we all take turns cooking our late night 'dinner'. If I am fortunate enough to be able to get out for dinner, Hartsyard or Nomad are the places we usually go to for a late night meal.
Where the Best Chefs Eat