Nicholas Wong's Recommendations

Late night dining at Golden Century Seafood Restaurant
Not many options in Sydney,but I'd have to say Arisan for fried chicken, or Golden Century for pipis and crab
Best kept secret at Bagan Burmese Restaurant
My family have been going here for years. It's one of the only Burmese restaurants in town. Also Pablo's charcoal chicken on Crown Street. It's super close to my house, they deliver and they have the best chicken roll in town.
Best cafe at The Eight
For cafe I like Four Ate Five on Crown St and the coffee is amazing at Rueben Hills. As for breakfast my favourite is yum cha at the Eight in Haymarket
Special occasion at Rockpool
Definitely Rockpool on Bridge Street, Neil Perry and Phil Wood are amazing chefs.
Favourite international restaurant at Zuni Cafe
High end is Sushi Saito in Tokyo, casual dining would be Zuni Cafe in San Francisco. Street food Jian Bing, or anywhere in Beijing
Where the Best Chefs Eat