Michael Rantissi's Recommendations

Best kept secret at Da Mario
Da Mario in Rosebery and I just love all their food fired pizzas. Great for Sunday night dinner after a busy day at work. Also for good authentic Middle Eastern food try Al Aseel in Greenacre
Best winery at Amisfield
Villa Maria and Amisfield, both on the South Island in New Zealand and I love them both. Villa Maria is in the Marlborough Region and Amisfield is just on the outskirts of Queenstown. Had a great tasting plate at Amisfield
Favourite international restaurant at Nomad New York
NoMad in New York is my favourite international restaurant. We had a fantastic dinner there on Christmas night last year, the staff were fantastic, food amazing, sommelier went above and beyond, the staff from this restaurant even called other restaurants that we had been booked into to let them know that we were coming…it was fantastic
It is close to our house, the coffee is consistently good and I love their mixed plate for breakfast – Brasserie Bread sourdough, boiled egg, provolone cheese, tomato and avocado
Where the Best Chefs Eat