Kerby Craig's Recommendations

Best cafe at Rustic Pearl
For being lazy and also wanting to support local I always gravitate to Rustic Pearl. Great coffee and great Turkish inspired menu. I like to get the melemen with a side of sucuk.
Best kept secret at Sokyo
With social media do they exist anymore!? Omakase sushi from Sano San at Sokyo.
Special occasion at Momofuku Seiobo
With working around my days off I would take a friend to Momofuku Seibo. I love sitting at the counter, the food is amazing, the wine is perfect and where else can I hear Mobb Deep in a 3 hat restaurant?
Late night dining at Fatima's Lebanese Restaurant
Again, keeping local we usually head over to Fatima's after work. I love their lady fingers grilled over coal. Plus a shish kebab. Or the Golden Century but I think you know every chef would say that!
Where the Best Chefs Eat