Jake Nicolson's Recommendations

Favourite international restaurant at Blue Hill at Stone Barns
This for me was a huge highlight in New York - hard to pick a favourite dish after an onslaught of about 35 courses!
Late night dining at Melbourne Supper Club
When in Melbourne I love the Melbourne Supper Club (The European), the Croque Monsieur really hits the spot for a late night bite
Special occasion at Blackbird Bar & Grill
Well of course BlackBird Bar & Grill - the view of the river and bridge is simply stunning. Otherwise Stokehouse.
Best kept secret at Taro's Ramen & Cafe
In Brisbane's CBD. Hand pulled noodles make slurping the rich, dense, gelatinous soup all the more an experience not to miss, I always go the Tonkotsu.
Best winery at Oakridge Wines Restaurant
Amazing views of the valley, great local produce driven restaurant ideal for a day trip from Melbourne.
Where the Best Chefs Eat