Danny Russo's Recommendations

Late night dining at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels
Harry’s Cafe de Wheels is a great late night pit-stop. I love a hot dog or two.
Bertoni’s in Balmain is a favourite. It has great coffee, service with a smile and the food is always fresh. Every Saturday morning the mamma of owners Albert and Anthony (or Bert and Tony) is out among the crowd handing out biscuits that she made, and if you're nice she gives you a couple of extra. It is a great way to start the day.
Special occasion at Sepia
Sepia is a stalwart. Martin and Vicky do an amazing job by providing great food and service.
Best kept secret at The Powder Keg
The Powder Keg in Potts Point. They make a great Negroni (it’s my favourite drink) and the food cooked by the chef EJ a.k.a Elijah Holland (he is one to watch) is fantastic.
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