Anthony Flowers's Recommendations

Best cafe at Bar Rizzo
Bar Rizzo in Five Dock is my go to morning coffee café. You can always trust it to receive top quality coffee and the staff are great, ensuring you start the day the right way.
Late night dining at Mr Wong
My favourite place to spend a late night dining session is Mr Wong. It has a great menu that uses fresh produce and the restaurant has a really good vibe.
Best kept secret at Shady Pines Saloon
I almost want to keep this to myself but Shady Pines is perfect for a relaxing evening with friends.
There is no better place than the Tulloch Winery in the Hunter Valley to enjoy a glass of wine. The scenery is amazing! The staff are passionate, extremely knowledgeable and always on hand to recommend a great bottle.
Special occasion at Rockpool
My absolute favourite restaurant for special occasions is Rockpool. It delivers outstanding quality food that often leaves me speechless. What more can I say!
Favourite international restaurant at Hisshou Teppanyaki
It has to be Hisshou Teppanyaki, which offers an authentic Japanese teppankyaki. It’s also really friendly and relaxing, making it a great place to take my kids.
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