Alvin Quah's Recommendations

The subtle notes of guava, dragon fruit and tangerine in their Gerwurztraminer pairs really well with spicy Asian food.
Best kept secret at The Owl House
An eclectic and charming restaurant and bar offering house made focaccia and an unsual hot punch made with Hendrick's Gin, spiced red cabbage reduction, Absinth, cinnamon and orange blossom water.
Favourite international restaurant at Quay
If you think the views are breathtaking, wait till you sample the food. Chef Peter Gilmore regularly creates new and inspiring dishes but a constant feature is the snow egg. A must-have!
Special occasion at Pendolino
Chef and restauranteur Nino Zoccali is brilliant! Sophisticated concepts meet traditional dishes. A personal favourite is the ravioli with spinach, parmigiano reggiano, gruyere, buffalo mozzarella and burnt butter and sage.
Where the Best Chefs Eat