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Food bloggers are fast becoming the authority on where to eat; from forgotten favourites to the latest opening, they are there first, armed with a camera and a hungry stomach. We asked some of our favourite bloggers from across Australia where they keep coming back to, from their first coffee to their night cap.

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Laura Kelly
Laura Kelly
Best kept secret at Happy Hours Tea Bar
Happy Hours Tea Bar, Sunnybank. We have nicknamed this place the ‘Bain-Marie of Death' but don't ...
Best cafe at Sourced Grocer
Sourced Grocer, Teneriffe. Not an egg in sight on this breakfast menu and I love that! ...
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Adrian Briones
Adrian Briones
Food Rehab
Late night dining at G2 Korean BBQ
G2 Korean BBQ on Elizabeth St in Melbourne. Ever wondered where you can hunker down on ...
Best kept secret at Frying Colours
Frying Colours. A recently opened inner-west gem known for their Korean fried chicken (KFC) - marinated ...
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Susan Thye
Susan Thye
Special occasion at Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo, Manly. Every time I eat is an occasion... I would go to Papi Chulo ...
Best kept secret at Henri Marc
Henri Marc, Penrith. The salted caramel on sourdough toast is freaking amazing and so is the ...
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