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Best cafe at Lowdown Espresso
My favourite coffee and breakfast spot is Lowdown Espresso in the Perth CBD. Melbourne brothers Mark and Adam Lowe make the best coffee and muffins! They even weaned me off sugar without me knowing when I was working in the city and my favourite muffin is the lemon ricotta.
Late night dining at Alfred's Kitchen
Alfred's Kitchen in Guildford is my favourite spot for a late night feed. They are open until midnight Sun – Wed, 1am Thursdays and 3am Friday & Saturdays which is super convenient as I work in the hospitality industry. Alfred's Kitchen is also my other burger eating half, burger boy's favourite Perth burger joint and I absolutely love their ham & pea soup - it's thick and there's heaps of chunky bacon bits. I also love that Alfred's still manage to have a bonfire going on a wet Winter's night.
Best kept secret at Chilli Orange
Chilli Orange in North Perth, although the word is getting out so I'm sure it won't be a secret for long. I love the steamed duck buns and the grilled teriyaki salmon with potato and crab meat croquette which is served with char grilled corn and avocado salsa.
Special occasion at Must Winebar
Must Wine Bar is my favourite special occasion restaurant. Everything is cooked to perfection and the wine list is fantastic. The menu changes by season but the pasta and desserts at Must Wine Bar are always winners. Last week I had the Slow Cooked Beef Cheek Ravioli and a Citrus & Vanilla Creme Brûlée which was served with a raspberry sorbet and burger boy loved his Warm Chocolate Moelleux which was served with a white chocolate ice cream.
Favourite international restaurant at Mamasan
Mamasan in Semiyak Bali is my favourite International restaurant - we usually head to Bali once a year and I can't wait to go back there again. I will always remember the Yin Yang cocktail I had last year (and still on the menu) - it's a Vodka lychee coconut lemon syrup topped with strawberry & passionfruit foam. It was like having two cocktails in one and like any good cocktail I didn't realise how strong it was until after a few!
Best winery at Forest Hill Winery
Forest Hill Vineyard is Denmark Western Australia is one of my favourite wineries. Besides being absolutely beautiful, it is home to Pepper & Salt which is owned up by Silas Masih, a chef I met earlier this year as part of Taste Great Southern. The view of the winery from the restaurant is spectacular and we loved the marron at Pepper & Salt.
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