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Special occasion at Momofuku Seiobo
Momofuku Seiobo in Pyrmont. Hands down the best restaurant I've been to in Sydney. The atmosphere, the service and the playlist is brilliant, friendly and switched on and the menu is inventive and next-level. Where else can you get a juice pairing menu or find a kitchen that's experimenting with how to make miso from chickpeas?
Best kept secret at Katsu Yachiyo
I love the $13.50 lunch sets at Katsu Yachiyo in Surry Hills. There isn't even a vegetarian option on the official menu, but if you ask nicely, they will come up with something excellent for you. The sets are crazy-good value and even come with a lick of dessert. Sometimes, if you are in a rush, they will even bring you this tiny chocolate hit as you are paying the bill.
Late night dining at Frankie's Pizza
Frankie's Pizza in city if there's dancing and friends involved, but there's also no shame in a solo mission to Saray in Newtown for a Spinach No.3 pide or the Vegan option (which is so well stacked with garlicky eggplant and potato that it even wins over hardcore carnivores).
Best cafe at Single Origin Roasters
Sydney's got an overcrowded field of excellent cafes, there are so many contenders I could name. If I had to zoom in on one place only, Single Origin in Surry Hills is first rate. The serious devotion to coffee here means that you can even get your banana bread spiked with espresso butter (it's delicious), but the food is flat-out great, too. I still get nostalgic for a cornbread mushroom sandwich I had there last year, I've already got "it's no longer on the menu" grief for the pie with autumn pickled vegetables, and I can't wait to try the chawan mushi and jacket potato flashback that are currently on offer.
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