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Late night dining at G2 Korean BBQ
G2 Korean BBQ on Elizabeth St in Melbourne. Ever wondered where you can hunker down on some pork belly and Angus beef ribs cooked on a bed of charcoal at your table? One word: G2. Eight words: Dogs will chase you down the street afterwards.
Best kept secret at Frying Colours
Frying Colours. A recently opened inner-west gem known for their Korean fried chicken (KFC) - marinated slowly and with just enough cornflour for that perfect crisp then coated in either a natural sweet soy or spicy glaze. So juicy, you're gonna need goggles.
Best winery at Domaine Chandon
Domaine Chandon. Tip: on sunny day, secure a table outside at Greenpoint Brasserie overlooking Chandon's  picturesque vineyard. Grab a bottle of their bubbly, a cheese platter and soak up the atmosphere. P.s.  save some room for their signature desserts.
Favourite international restaurant at The Abyssinian
When dining at The Abyssinian, don't expect to use much of the cutlery. Wash your hands, and get bare handed with your meal. In fact, this is probably the most enjoyable part of the whole dining experience. Just tear the soft aromatic injera bread, scoop, roll and succumb to slow cooked Dorho Zighini –  a famous chicken casserole.
Best cafe at The Counter
Go to The Counter for their house made chicken and leek pie served with one of the raw super salads. P.s. don't leave without trying at least one of the many cakes on display, not that you'll need any convincing.
Special occasion at Attica
Attica. Tip: on Tuesday nights, they offer a 5 course degustation where you get to try out some of their new creations before they officially make into the menu.
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