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Top10 Best Breakfast in Melbourne

There will never be a definitive list of the best breakfasts in Melbourne. With top new eateries opening almost weekly, it’s practically impossible to know what the next big thing in morning munchies is going to be. These are our tried and trusted go-to dishes that will never go out of style and are always, always accompanied by that other morning staple; fabulous coffee.
Elizabeth Fenech

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This Richmond cafe is known for its friendly service, uber-cool industrial fitout and distinctive menu. If toast and muesli is your thing, go for it, but this is a place you can order gin and lime cured ocean trout, a brioche bun stuffed with fresh Queensland soft-shell mud crab or satisfy your inner (upmarket) carnivore with a Rangers Valley Wagyu steak sandwich. Our pick, though, is always the snapper.
Coffee connoisseurs pay homage at the doors of ST. ALi when caffeine cravings kick in, but the brunch crowd does not leave this Yarra Place warehouse without a serve of the kitchen’s secret recipe corn fritters.
How do you like your sweet bread fried? Piled with bavarian cream, fresh raspberries, plums and pistachios? Or buried beneath lemon curd cheesecake, gratinated rhubarb and a cloud of pillowy meringue? We love seeing the fried brioche special more than we love our arteries. For those in the business of keeping their vital organs in check, we hear the baked eggs with truffle is a winner.
There are few kitchens that pull off custard filled cronuts as well as they do black pudding, but Duchess of Spotswood is one of them. Forget your usual blistered sausages, when you’re in the mood for a little mid-morning protein, the Duchess has you covered.
Cumulus Inc continues to pick up Chef Hats from the Good Food Guide year after year and it’s possible the accolade rests on its little French pillowy pastries alone. Made to order, the Cumulus Inc madeleines are served straight from the oven, covered in icing sugar and filled with surprise bursts of lemony sherbet flavour.
When it’s done fulfilling your childhood dreams with its green eggs and ham, Three Bags Full will make your (adult) day with ricotta hotcakes served with orange infused mascarpone, mulled wine poached fruit, almond flakes, lemon verbena and crystallised white chocolate.
The fine dining masters in the Hammer & Tong kitchen have turned the morning meal on its head so you’ll never think about breakfast, or ramen, the same way again. The Japanese-inspired dish involves a smoky bacon dashi that’s poured over a noodle nest piled with a 62-degree poached egg, pickled king mushrooms and thick hunks of bacon.
Ok, it’s not actually called the world’s greatest omelette, but it might as well be. Pope Joan’s brekkie eggs are tossed with spinach and taleggio cheese and served with grilled corn bread and veggie crisps.
Auction Rooms has been named Melbourne’s best cafe in the past and it continues to live up to its stellar status with an excellent brekkie menu at prices you’ll want to get out of bed for. The kitchen serves up the slickest French toast in the city, artfully styled with crispy pancetta, poached rhubarb and glazed strawberries.
You don’t have to have enjoyed a few too many to enjoy a breakfast burrito. Not at Acland St, anyway. The giant tortilla is stuffed to bursting with yoghurt, egg and sticky cheese, plus corn, onion, tomato, zucchini and and a fiery chilli kick. Gets us moving every time.