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If you still think the old Myer Centre is the best thing about Coorparoo you need to drive on east to where Old Cleveland Road these days offers more than a one-way street to the Stradbroke Island ferry. What was once a wasteland between Stones Corner and Carindale is now a new and improved go-to for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, except for the Myer Centre, which is now a pile of rubble on its way to being the new hip spot in town.
Taylare Maddern - September 2015
Gone are the days where one had to go to West End to indulge in a Mediterranean feast fit for a goddess, because now, there’s Greek on Cav. With all their dishes designed to share, you’ll want to bring a few friends with you so you can pile plates and plates of stuffed mushrooms, chickpea fritters and chargrilled lamb cutlets on the table. Finished off with honey puffs and ouzo ice cream of course.
If you think you don’t need a reservation for suburban cafes, think again. You’ll be hard pressed even finding a carpark for Flute, let alone a table – especially around breakfast time. But it will all be worth it when you have a giant cookie milkshake in front of you, though it should really be shared between three people, and probably be classified as a dessert, not a drink. Nevertheless, order it, along with their famous avocado plate.
Sure you could stick to the classic eggs benny, the hearty big breakfast or the healthy homemade granola on Little Sista’s menu, but you won’t regret trying one of their weekly specials – namely, the fritters. And while you’re there, make sure you grab some baked treats to take home for later!