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Top10 Best Cheap Eats in Brisbane

Whether you just spent an entire weeks pay on a juicer to kick that summer detox into second gear or you’ve given up food entirely to fund (and prepare for) an upcoming trip to an island in the Pacific, you’re probably running a bit low on funds right about now. But there’s no need to go hungry just yet (you’ve got WEEKS to get that six pack ready), not with cheap eats in Brisbane like these!
Gourmand & Gourmet - September 2015

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Mondays are even worse when you know you have to go home and spend an hour in the kitchen before you can have dinner. Which is why we’re very appreciative of The Roman Empire for making life ever so much easier by providing us with hearty Italian meals at 2 for 1 prices on Mondays. Take your pick from homemade crab cannelloni, mushroom and three cheese risotto, chicken saltimbocca – chicken breasts layered with prosciutto and bocconcini, or plenty more cheesy deliciousness, but just be sure to take a friend.
Shut down all talk of how Melbourne/New York/city-you’ve-never-heard-of-but-is-apparently-the-best-place-in-the-world is full of trendy cafes and laneway bars with a visit to Brew in the CBD. Throw in a ‘HOW MUCH do you have to pay for a beer?’ as you sip your post-work special and tuck into $10 nachos on Wednesdays from 4pm.
What’s that in your wallet? Is it a fiver? Maybe a tenner? Well, Super Whatnot is here to save the day. Beating down the cruel and nasty Monday, they’ve come to your rescue with cheesy Wagyu sliders for $5, beer and nachos for $10, and premium spirits (the stuff on the top shelf that you can’t usually even afford on a good day) for $10. Maybe you’ll start the week off better than you thought!
Tuesday brings out the el cheapo in all of us, so why not make like it’s the weekend and head to Asian dive bar Heya for cheap cocktails and half priced street eats? Half price means you can get their epic cheeseburger spring rolls for $2 each. We’ll take 10, thanks. Of course, if a heart attack in a wonton wrapper isn’t your style, you could tuck into karaage popcorn chicken for $4.50, hickory-smoked edamame for $2.50 or tender sticky pork ribs for $4.50. All washed down with a cocktail, because at $12, you can afford a ginger beer, melon, lemon and sake Kaiju Attack at full price!
Skip the city bars that will charge you $25 for a single cocktail (seriously, what’s in there, liquid gold?) and take your notes to the ‘burbs instead. That same dollar amount will get you not one, but two cocktails at Affinity from Tuesday-Saturday until 7pm, plus an appetizer! Bar. Gain. Get it? Forget it’s a weekday and throw down a Kick Start of Cointreau, raspberry jam and orange juice, followed by classic mojito or French martini. Then feast on deep fried ravioli, duck and cucumber pancakes or veggie packed ratatouille.
Weekday lunches just got a little bit more delish, with Lennons Restaurant in the city doing some damn fine $15 deals to get you through the afternoon. On Mondays, munch on a burger and hot hand-cut chips for lunch. And there’s not a boring hamburger in sight, with five awesome choices that will have you coming back time and time again. You’ll be salivating over the sound of the grilled beef burger with tomato relish, Gruyere cheese, pickles and hot mustard mayo. But if the pull for pulled pork is just too strong, have it burger style, served up with a fresh-as-anything slaw of cabbage, apple, radish and capers, plus a fennel-blended mayo. For the less meaty-minded amongst us, there’s the spiced chickpea burger, with pickled veg and lashings of coriander labneh. That’s our meat-free Mondays all sorted, then!
Something of an institution for falafel fiends all over Brisbane, this place is never a no-no. Grab an authentic meat or vego kebab for less than $10 on Sunday when your head (and your wallet) is feeling worse for wear, and rest assured that all that organic and lactose free goodness is made fresh on site. A bunch of mouth-watering appetizers and salads are available to go, too. Get fed and bring some baba ganouj and tabouli home with you for a lunch that will keep you going longer, and taste better, than a soggy microwave pizza pocket. While you’re at it don’t forget dessert, the homemade baklava and Turkish delight are totally irresistible at $2 a pop.
Thanks to Jade Buddha, gone are the days of trying to time our hunger and penniless-ness in accordance with a specific night of the week. The Eagle Street Pier bar understands the need for not one, but multiple food specials each week. If Tuesday’s are your weak-day of leftovers or two minute noodles, head over for for a feed with a friend and enjoy $12 buns and beers. That’s 2 tap beers and 2 pork buns for just $12 of couch change! If Thursday’s are your night of desperation, celebrate the weekend early with tapas and a bottle of sparkling for $20. Now, to just figure out what to do the other five nights of the week.