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Top10 Best Boozy Brunch Spots in Brisbane

If you’ve been microwaving oats all week, you want your blowout weekend breakfast to be a good one, and lately your staple eggs benny just hasn’t been enough. You know what it’s missing? Booze. It doesn’t matter if it’s hair of the dog from a big Friday night, or a simple upgrade from your latte to an espresso martini, you deserve a boozey breakfast every once in a while. Luckily for your indecisive-Saturday-morning-self, we’ve put together a list of our favourite breakfast cocktail venues.
Rebecca Grady - September 2015

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Just when you thought the best thing to come out of Chester Street was the doughnuts, they announce that their already delicious fresh juices and smoothies are susceptible to a good spiking. Your fresh-pressed vodka watermelon, apple, ginger and mint juice awaits, anytime from 9:30am on weekends.
When you require more than one glass of boozy breakfast beverages (it happens), look no further than the Riverbar. After a jug of the Pimms Bling, Bloody Mary or Lychee Mojito, you’ll be just about ready to jump into the river nearby.
Oh A&C, is there anything you can’t do? After a big night, head right on back to Alfred & Constance for some good old hair of the dog – Tiki style! Our rule is – if it’s served with fruit, you can have it for breakfast! Note: they’re non-alcoholic but holy moly, the Doughnut Time thickshakes can scratch an itch you never knew you had.
Specializing in the art of breakfast, is it really a surprise that Harvey’s knows exactly how to perfect a Saturday morning meal? Start the weekend with a spiked Louisiana Sweet Tea or a Semifreddo Bellini fizzing with peach sorbet – you know you want to.
Prepare for all your dreams to come true at once when you come upon Mondo Organics ‘Adults Only’ section of the drinks menu and realise they serve a raspberry and rose vodka slushie after 10am. Hardcore bruncher? Go straight to the Screwdriver and you’ll be swilling rum with your free-range bacon.
With three varieties of Bloody Marys to choose from, prepare to see red. While the Goddamn Mary is concocted with smoked vodka, tomato and mustard and served with a picklehead pickle, the Swine Mary stars prosciutto-infused Stolichnaya, and pairs perfectly with your bacon waffles. If you’re not a tomato fan, cold brewed T2 tea can be infused with a shot of rum, vodka or gin.