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Trawling live seafood and crustaceans direct from the ocean and onto tables until 2am, the Golden Century Restaurant in Chinatown offers sizzling Oriental cuisine to a legion of hungry diners. The two levels of this Hong Kong-style eatery are packed most nights, with tables turning over like clockwork. Diners never get tired of the drama of choosing their meal from the tanks and having it presented, like magic, on a plate a short time later.
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393-399 Sussex Street
Haymarket NSW 2000





Asian, Chinese

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$$$$ ~ $$$$


Fully Licensed (no BYO)

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Late Night Dining
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Marc Philpott on 16/11/2017
Golden century with the chefs, pippies in XO sauce with a few cold beers
Sam Christie on 20/11/2015
Lennox Hastie on 10/08/2015
Golden Century is great for late night dining, they're open til 4am.
Alessandro Pavoni on 23/07/2015
Matthew McCool on 19/12/2014
Golden century with a group, or Harry's Cafe de Wheels in Woolloomooloo.
Luiza Gomes on 17/12/2014
Gold Century Chinese Restaurant, which is a popular place among chefs as it's open till about 4am in the morning.
Jonathon Barthelmess on 16/12/2014
Has to be Golden Century for a Cantonese feast
Justin North on 3/11/2014
It's a popular choice but difficult to beat a fun late night indulgence at Golden Century, great place to take the team late on Sunday night after a busy week.
Heston Blumenthal on 31/10/2014
Golden Century in Sydney. It's a great Chinese restaurant and they're open until something like 2am.
Damien Brassel on 10/10/2014
Golden Century. This is truly a hospitality institution. It's open late till 3am every night and serves up great seafood.
Dan Hong on 7/10/2014
It's open until 4am in the morning and they have fantastic live seafood.
Chui Lee Luk on 7/10/2014
The old standby is Golden Century. I like to order crab with noodles cooked with crab roe. If I were looking for a bite under $15, I would head to Din Tai Fung for dumplings (if you order carefully), Northern Noodle House for zhajiang mian (mince pork tossed noodles) and Ichiban Boshi for ramen.
Thomas Heinrich on 27/09/2014
Golden century has been my favorite late night dining since I started as a chef 20 years ago
Jackie McMillan on 26/09/2014
The years haven't dampened my love for Golden Century. Where else at 2am in Sydney can you find a crowded restaurant that includes a drunken stand-up comic, loudly picking on tables of equally drunk partygoers? Thankfully he's clever enough to avoid the pair of jittering ice dealers, busy stocking up on two-courses of Peking duck. This is late night Sydney in all her shame and glory, being looked after by silver service waiters who don't even raise an eyebrow as they trot out your pipis in XO sauce.
John McFadden on 24/09/2014
For a quick fix Can't go past Golden Century, Pipis in XO sauce
Amy Chanta on 15/09/2014
Mark Jensen on 11/09/2014
After work I tend to head straight home these days. Having children and an early morning obsession with bicycle riding I tend not to go out late at night to eat. I do however go to Golden century for a seafood fix every now and again.
Phoodie Phoodie on 31/08/2014
My late night dining venue of choice is without doubt Golden Century Chinese Restaurant in Sussex Street, Sydney. The fresh crab with ginger and shallot is world class as are their pecking duck pancakes.
Lorraine Elliott on 31/08/2014
Chinatown's Golden Century for Pippies in XO sauce with vermicelli.
Lyndey Milan on 28/08/2014
Golden Century because it really is open late – until 2am and I've been there then! It's always fun and the food is great. Seafood is very fresh. I always order live pippies with XO sauce.
Chase Kojima on 28/08/2014
Love golden century after work, xo pippies with special fried rice never goes wrong!
David Lovett on 28/08/2014
It's been said a thousand times before but you really can't go past the Golden Century, ice cold beer and some of Sydney's best Chinese food.
Nicholas Wong on 27/08/2014
Not many options in Sydney,but I'd have to say Arisan for fried chicken, or Golden Century for pipis and crab
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