Ryan Edwards's Profile

Ryan grew up on a small farm in South Australia's Barossa Valley, so he has a genuine connection to the land and a love of real food and its traditions.

He originally studied engineering, and then switched in his final year to a career that had become his passion and went on to complete his cookery apprenticeship. Ryan continued to broaden his experience by working in deluxe resorts in Queensland's Far North Coast and Gold Coast before returning to the Barossa Valley in 2004 and eventually joining the team at Appellation in 2008.

Ryan has a positive, nurturing attitude, and his hands on approach to maintaining traditional food ways is seen in his passion. He brews, bakes and generally follows a philosophy that sees ethical eating, low food miles, and the sustainability of food resources as central to good food at any level.

Keeping in touch with the seasons with a small kitchen garden, visiting growers and picking wild vegetables, fruits and nuts is but part of the program at Appellation. Ryan and the kitchen team strive to allow the best possible produce do the talking whilst showcasing both modern and traditional techniques. This shows through in Appellation's daily changing Chef's Tasting Menu and Seasonal Selections menus which source the very best local produce in peak freshness.

The use of fine ingredients which tell a story of place combined with the skill of a kitchen team who have an appreciation and understanding of traditional foodways but who look to evolve classic techniques, truly showcases the very best in contemporary regional dining.