Paul Davies's Profile

Paul Davies started cooking in a small cafe in New Zealand at the age of 15. After school he did a two year diploma at MIT and while studying got a job as a larder chef in a fine dinning restaurant in Auckland. Paul worked his way up to Sous Chef, but left after 2 years to travel the world! Four years later he ended up in Melbourne and got a job working with Vincent Conti and Mario Minichilli at Inker7 in St Kilda. After a couple a years, the boys approached Paul and asked if he wanted to go into business with them - and a few more years later Merchants Guild opened! With his obvious love of travel which is a big part of who he is, Paul has found that his food style is largely influenced by world cuisine. It's also very important to Paul to work in an open kitchen to have that interaction with customers! He absolutely loves food and loves his job!