Oswin Ribeiro's Profile

Chef Oswin Ribeiro
Chef Oswin Ribeiro began his career with one of India's Premier hotel chains. He oversaw the daily operations of 4 restaurants, a bar, pastry shop, and banquets of up to 2,000 people. Each of the restaurants are legendary in the city of Mumbai. In his twenty years plus, he has catered for some of the highest profile members of parliament, sportspersons and Hollywood and Bollywood celebrity stars. He has travelled extensively through the Middle-East, Far-East, and Europe. He is highly involved with a lot of charitable causes personally and through organisations. Oswin has won various awards, featured in television shows, run food demonstrations, articles in news papers and recently he won the silver award for the Dilmah Tea Competition held in Sydney July 2011 and the Salon Culinaire restaurants challenge Today he is running the kitchen at the Bistro Fax Restaurant & Bar, with 15 chefs working with him, a number and variety of menus to prepare each day, there's never a dull moment in Oz's life! His cooking style is not limited to any cuisine, but emphasis is upon best quality, sustainable and simple neat plates. Follow this link to Bistro Fax: Click here