Matt Golinski's Profile

Matt Golinski is a highly regarded Australian chef. Matt is well known as one of the original team of the popular, long running Ready Steady Cook television series where he cooked hundreds of delicious dishes delighting viewers with his skill and good humour.

A local Sunshine Coast lad, from an early age Matt was excited about the possibility of dual careers, both as a rock star and a chef, so he commenced his professional cooking career in Brisbane, while continuing to play with his fledgling rock band at any opportunity.

Matt’s passion for cooking won the toss for quite some time as he further honed his interests and skills with overseas travel and authentic cooking experiences, particularly in Europe and countries that border the Mediterranean. A delicious illustration of this is the Rolling Dolmade mezze range of traditional Middle Eastern style starters.

In late 2011, a fire in the Golinski family home tragically claimed the lives of Matt’s wife Rachael and their daughters, Starlia, Willow and Sage. The blaze left Matt fighting for his life with third degree burns to over 40% of his body. True to his nature, Matt has made extraordinary progress with his healing and continues to work at his recovery whilst honouring the memory of his beautiful family by helping others. Matt requires further surgery before returning to the commercial kitchen but he has a busy schedule of cooking demonstrations and public speaking engagements.

He is also passionate about good health and fitness and is a regular runner. He is currently in training for a full marathon. He is yet to make it as a rock star.

Based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Matt now enjoys working as a consulting chef to restaurants, being a regular guest chef at festivals and events and writing his popular food columns and blog. He is also an active member of the Slow Food movement and a motivational speaker.

Matt spends a couple of days a week in the kitchen at Peppers creating new seasonal recipes, so if you’re in for breakfast, lunch or dinner be sure to poke your head into the kitchen and say hi.