Lloyd Cremer's Profile

Lloyd Cremer, Executive Chef at The Hilton Adelaide, was born & raised in Southern Africa, where he was exposed to a fusion of unique European culture, and traditional African influences, to create flavourful masterpieces. From early on, Cremer knew he enjoyed creating food to please his friends and family.

Taking advice from his father, Chef Cremer decided to try his hand at working in a professional kitchen, and he applied for the job as a Prep Cook at Four Seasons, Durban. It was here that his passion for seafood and seasonal produce began, Cremer didn't just like it, he loved it, and his professional career was born. After three years in Hotel School, Cremer moved to the Caribbean to foster his love of sailing and water sports. Here he worked on many private yachts, and in Relais Chateaux properties, he started travelling to explore the many cuisines around the globe. His love for the exotic landed him in Bermuda, UK, France, Grand Cayman, Abu Dhabi, Egypt and Dubai to name a few.

He has worked for both Michelin starred properties, and 5 star hotels and resorts over his many years of experience. Outside of leading a great team at The Hilton Adelaide, and foraging in the many nooks and crannies of the Adelaide area, he enjoys spending time with his wife Emma, a teacher, and Zara a budding gourmand, whom is their two and a half year old daughter.