Kobe Desramaults's Profile

Chef Kobe Desramaults
The youngest Belgian chef to ever be awarded a Michelin star, emerging talent Kobe Desramaults is exciting food audiences from around the globe at his restaurant In de Wulf, which is also named on the San Pellegrino World's Best Restaurants Top 100 list. Described by world-renowned chef Rene Redzepi as "an unusual talent, possessing something indescribable only a few people have", Kobe has followed in the footsteps of his mother, who ran In de Wulf as a traditional Belgian brasserie and inn. The restaurant's location was Kobe's childhood home, a converted farm cottage protected on three sides by greenery, by traditional definition a "wulf". Kobe began his career at an Italian restaurant, which then led to what is self-described as his "defining experience" – two years at the three Michelin-starred Oud Sluis in the Netherlands, where Sergio Herman became an important mentor. He then spent 10 months in Barcelona under Carles Abellan at Comerç 24 before taking over In de Wulf from his mother and revolutionising it with his inventive treatment of local produce. Clean yet earthy dishes, such as razor shell with kohlrabi, duck liver, tapioca and orange juice, or sorrel with angelica and apple, has won In de Wulf well-deserved recognition around the globe, including being awarded a Michelin star in 2005. Of Kobe, Redzepi says: "Sometimes – and this happens only rarely to me – just by talking to someone you can sense a passion for their trade, and you realise they are an unusual talent, possessing something indescribable that only a few people have. This is the impression I had of Kobe when I first met him. "It seems that Kobe's food is more intellectual than that of others. His food doesn't strike me as having an immediate burst of high flavour and satisfaction in your mouth. It is more subtle, working a lot with mouth feelings from textures and a strong idea behind it. When eating his food, it seems that you actually have to make a decision whether you like it or not – or perhaps, said in a different way, whether you understand it or not."