Jim McDougall's Profile

Chef Jim McDougall
Growing up on his family’s fruit property in Mildura, Jim McDougall developed a sound agrarian outlook from a young age. Seeing how much he enjoyed getting involved in the kitchen, his mother encouraged him to pursue a career as a chef. It proved to be a fruitful and fulfilling career path, which enabled Jim to complete his training with Stefano de Peri at the Grand Hotel restaurant group. He moved to Melbourne in 2006 to work at three-hat restaurant Vue de Monde, where he became sous chef. He was then promoted to head chef of Shannon Bennett’s new restaurant Café Vue 401.

In 2011 he returned to Mildura and his old mentor, and took over as head chef and owner of Stefano’s Restaurant. Under his direction, the food has evolved from Stefano’s rustic Italian fare, to an innovative contemporary menu that creates a true gastronomy of place. The restaurant was renamed Jim McDougall in Stefano’s Cellar in 2014 to reflect the changes