Jamie Thomas's Profile

Hailing from the UK, Jamie Thomas became a chef out of necessity. After getting into a lot of trouble in his youth, Jamie found a new start with a youth training scheme at the age of 16, where he worked in a factory staff canteen cooking faggots (a traditional British food, which is like a giant offal meatball) and chips, and loved it. He began brushing up his culinary knowledge by reading a ton of cook books, and moved to London a year later to make it as a real chef.

And make it he did, working a long side top British chefs throughout the 90’s in London including the likes of Fergus Henderson at St John, Dan Evans, Adam Robinson, Rowley Leigh and Alistair Little.

Thomas fell in love with the job - from the heat and stress of a busy service to the sight of a gleaming kitchen at midnight, and it’s obvious, because he has been cooking ever since.

Now settled in Sydney, Thomas is the executive chef of the Drink & Dine Group overseeing all of their restaurants including The Carrington, The Norfolk, The Forresters and Queenies. He is an incredibly busy man working around 70-90 hours each week. Somehow he still manages to find time to watch an Arsenal game.