Dongchan Na's Profile

Born and raised in Seoul Korea, Dongchan Na (Dino) kicked off his culinary career with humble beginnings. Working in his family’s restaurant, he grew up with an interest in cooking since the tender age of 5 and he also pays homage to his grandmother for his culinary passion. Dino is no stranger to fame though. His Father has run the successful Dong Gang, a Seoul institution, for over 12 years now. ‘My father is my inspiration, he showed me what passion looks like. My father started his restaurant 20 years ago without any culinary schooling, he is proof that if you are hardworking, don’t compromise on what you believe in, you can achieve your goals,’ says Dino (Dongchan Na).

After heading up the kitchen team within many of Seoul’s restaurant hot spots, Dino set his sights on moving to Australia in 2014 to join the Burma Lane team. Within his 4 years at the venue, his positive upbeat ‘can do’ attitude has shone through, ensuring he was quickly established as an integral part of the team. Dino is known for his enthusiastic demeanour and uncompromising quest for flavour, inspiring his team to deliver a fresh new menu and a new chapter for Burma Lane. Dino will be introducing new light, yet complex flavours, which complement the existing menu including: • Lamb tartare, charred corn, shallot, green chilli yoghurt, lentil cracker • Crispy skinned chicken, eggplant, coconut, Thai basil, kaffir lime, chilli, sweet potato • Pickled tea leaf, chilli, cauliflower, snake bean, crunch • Spicy scallop, polenta, creamed spinach, crispy rice • King fish ceviche, coconut, lime, pomelo, salmon roe, tapioca cracker • Snapper, spinach, ginger tortellini, edamame, chilli, miso.