Chase Kojima's Profile

Chase Kojima is Executive Chef and founder of Sokyo, one of the standout culinary attractions at The Star, Sydney.
Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Chase brings exciting and unexpected flavour to Sydney's culinary scene, offering a a new way to experience traditional Japanese cuisine.
His Omakase style menu respects and pays homage to tradition, while being fused with the energy of Tokyo. Each specially crafted dish is an exquisite mix of contemporary Japanese flavours and traditional craftsmanship, created with the finest Australian produce.
Chase’s personal experimentation with new cooking methods and technologies unearth bold and complex flavours, which are infused in each dish to surprise and delight restaurant guests.
Sokyo's team of chefs, lead by Chase are continuously putting their creative skills to the test to come up with the most exciting and unexpected dishes for the Sokyo menu. Their unconfined approached to sushi and sashimi have brought about an amazing array of dishes, including Sokyo’s hero dish of Moreton Bay bug sashimi served with Vegemite croutons, burnt butter mayo and passionfruit jelly.
He is extremely passionate about supporting and showcasing Australia's finest produce and has a strong personal connection with the producers he speaks with each day.
Before opening Sokyo, his first restaurant, in November 2011 at just 29, Chase lead kitchens all over the world for the iconic Nobu restaurant group. After four years in Las Vegas working under Nobu Matsuhisa, he circled the Nobu globe working in Dubai, London and LA before finishing at Nobu Bahamas as Executive Chef.
His passion for food and exposure to life as a chef started at a young age under the tutelage of his father, Sachio Kojima, talented chef and owner of the renowned Kabuto Sushi Restaurant in San Francisco, USA. It was there he learned the craft of traditional Japanese cuisine. He has extensive knowledge of seafood and strong connection with the sea came came from his grandfather, a fisherman in Hokkaido, Japan.
The combination of his traditional training and the influence of his American upbringing shaped his distinct palate bringing together an imaginative spin on the extraordinary dishes he creates. He is highly influenced by his extensive travel and is inspired by people, places and foods from all over the world.
Chase and the Sokyo team were awarded One Chef's Hat at the 2014 The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide Awards.