Anna Polyviou's Profile

Melbourne-born pastry chef, Anna Polyviou is a true globe-trotter. Her career has taken her from Melbourne to London, Paris to Chicago, and now she is back on Australian shores having taken up residency at the Shangri-La Hotel Sydney.

Chef Anna is putting all her creative flair into the pastry department, having introduced uniquely flavoured macarons, handmade chocolate bonbons and high-end desserts to the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant, Café Mix. Along with her team of ten pastry chefs, she has also taken the hotel’s famous High Tea and Chocolate High Tea offering in the Lobby Lounge to new sweet heights.

Chef Anna’s culinary training includes working alongside some of the world’s most talented pastry masterminds, such as Julie Sharp; Nick Paterson; the Queen’s pastry chef, Katherine Boyden from the United Kingdom; Pierre Herme from Pierre Herme Patisserie in Paris; and well-known Bathers Pavilion chef, Serge Dansereau from Sydney.

During her career, she has secured a degree in Culinary Arts in International Pastry from Thames Valley University in London and has trained with pastry chef icons, such as Kirsten Tibballs, Jean-Marie Auboine and Jerome Landrieu. Chef Anna has won a number of prestigious awards, including the Nadell Trophy for the UK’s Dessert of the Year and the Culinary Academy Award for Excellence for Pastry. Polyviou is also the chairman and one of the founders of the Sydney Pastry Chef Club, an industry-learning programme for executive pastry chefs launched in 2011.

2015 was an eventful year with Anna being made the ambassador of Smooth FM’s highly popular Chocolate Festival, launching the first every Kit Kat studio and creating her own Kit Kat chocolate bar. The launch of the Audi TT car along with designing the cake for The Great Australian bake off. Featuring in various cookbooks such as The Great Australian cookbook and The new patissiers.

In 2016 Anna was announced as Kenwood Ambassador for Australia, had a television appearance on Masterchef with her “Anna’s Mess” Creation and now in 2017 Anna is currently working on her own cookbook to be published by Murdock cookbooks. Stay tuned for some exciting big news to be revealed soon.