Adrian Richardson's Profile

Adrian Richardson is most well known for his daily appearances on Good Chef Bad Chef however there is more to Richardson than his television career. Unlike many chefs, Adrian hasn’t always dreamed of being behind the pots and pans. In fact, cooking was used to pay for his flying lessons, as he wanted to become a pilot. However, this dream didn’t last long, as he suddenly found his calling as a chef.

Richardson's heritage includes "a mélange of North African, Middle Eastern and Italian cuisine", which has influenced his passion for quality food that's packed with flavour. However, he’s also interested in all things blood and guts, which is certainly at odds to his heritage, given one side of his family are strict vegetarians.

Ironically, Richardson is the author of 'MEAT', released in 2008 which gives readers a guide on how to buy, cook and enjoy meat. His second book, The Good Life, is influenced by memories of times spent cooking at home. "The book is about, just enjoying food with your family and friends and taking it easy and making some things at home. It's a simple pleasure, it's not rocket surgery".