Adam Swanson's Profile

Adam Swanson is an Adelaide born renowned chef & restaurateur who has been famed as ‘The King of Pasta’ though his scope of food mastery is extensive. Chef Swanson is the one of the proud owners and executive chef of the award winning Mediterranean restaurant Zucca, he is also on the cusp of launching his very own TV show as well as becoming the executive chef to one of 2015’s most highly anticipated openings Lot.1 Sydney.

Coming from a large Neapolitan family, Chef Swanson’s love affair with food began in his family home. He spent much of his childhood learning his Nonna’s traditional peasant style recipes and helping out with his family’s cheese business; “spending countless hours falling in love with the flavours and smells from his grandma's kitchen.”

Chef Swanson began his chef career by training under a Greek executive chef for many years. It is through mastering both Greek and Italian cooking skillsets that Chef Swanson birthed his award winning Mediterranean fusion concept and menu for his first restaurant. Zucca has made its mark arguably as Adelaide’s finest Mediterranean restaurant, serving small plates akin to Greek tapas speckled with a traditional Italian flair. Its numerous accolades include winning the Best Mediterranean Restaurant award for four consecutive years running.

His highly anticipated career move to becoming executive chef of Lot.1 Sydney will be a chance for Chef Swanson to return to his cooking roots. Chef Swanson says “If my Nonna (who has passed) could see the menu I am bringing to Lot.1 Sydney she would be over the moon”. Chef Swanson will be creating an Italian tapas style menu with modern dining twists on traditional favourites. Located on Sydney’s York St, the three story venue has restored the heritage architecture to a jaw dropping effect and is set to be the latest celebrity and socialite haunt when its doors open in August this year.

Sydney siders should get ready to embrace chef Adam Swanson as Adelaide has. With his cooking residing in what is set to be the most coveted restaurant of 2015, his face featuring on an array of television shows and a cookbook full of his best recipes, Chef Swanson is set to become a household name.