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Chefs Gallery

Shop 12
501 George Street
Sydney CBD NSW 2000
Tel : +61 2 9267 8877
License: Fully Licensed (no BYO)
Price Range: $$$$
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Chefs Gallery is a dining venue from renowned restaurateur, Kaisern Ching, who brought you Din Tai Fung. The restaurant sits close to Town Hall station and offers exquisite northern Chinese cuisine at reasonable prices. The Chefs Gallery signature item is handmade noodles, which are prepared, pulled, folded and cooked specifically to order. The Chefs Gallery dining room is veiled in serenity; from its muted hues to its Chinese antiques, this is a truly relaxing dining experience.

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Hidden in a shopping precinct on George Street. Take Bathurst Street for easier access.

Chefs Gallery’s speciality is handmade noodles - the entire handmade noodle process starts when your order is received. Patrons can watch as noodles are transformed from the ‘mama dough’, which is then twisted to form the ‘baby dough’. Once cooked, the lifespan of a batch of noodles averages only 60 seconds. The staff at Chefs Gallery ensure the noodles are served
speedily and customers are encouraged to enjoy them just as quickly.

Since its opening in August, over 8000 kilograms of noodles have been served. Handmade noodles aren’t the only dishes on offer at Chefs Gallery. Executive Chef, Edward Zhao, and his team have thoughtfully selected over 100 dishes to reflect home-style northern Chinese food with a modern twist - from dumplings, wontons and traditional Chinese pastries to meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes. Chefs Gallery also offers a range of desserts which are delicately and tirelessly handmade to perfection. Chefs Gallery offers never-before seen desserts, presenting a modern flair on traditional Chinese cuisine: featuring items such as the cute steamed sesame ‘piggy face’ bun; Osmanthus and goji berries jelly; and steamed pumpkin pastry dumpling filled with lotus paste - a beautiful piece of art.
With museum-like décor, the restaurant features contemporary interiors and the largest open kitchen in a Chinese restaurant in Sydney. Seating 110 patrons, Chefs Gallery showcases ancient replicas of age-old bronze ware and original Chinese calligraphy which have been sourced and sent from China.

The menu boasts over 100 home-style dishes featuring a modern Chinese twist, including dumplings, Chinese pastry, meat, seafood and vegetarian options. Chefs Gallery also offers one-of-a-kind desserts, which are delicately and tirelessly handmade to perfection. Featuring
contemporary décor, seating for 110 patrons and the largest open Chinese kitchen in Sydney, Chefs Gallery also showcases a range of ancient artefacts, replicas of age-old bronze ware and original Chinese calligraphy.

Long, thick ropes of dough are kneaded, rolled, then picked up from the bench to be yanked and stretched. The heavy ends are joined before clever wrist movements twist them together, before being wrenched and stretched again - the process repeating over and over until the heavy rope becomes hundreds of edible threads. These theatrical displays are performed in Sydney’s newest dumpling house, Chefs’ Gallery. The glorious knots of noodles may await a dollop of glossy soybean sauce that binds together finely minced pork and tiny cubes of tofu. Other knotted mounds are topped with chicken pieces glazed in a chilli-soy sauce that hides diced red capsicum, shallots and cheeky rings of sliced chilli. Some combed threads are dropped into a steaming broth of hot and sour soup,with dark shreds of fungus swimming between the tangled yarns. Beautiful inconsistencies in the form of ridges and bumps make no two noodles or mouthfuls the same.

Delicate pan-fried buns encase fatty pork mince that explodes with aromas once bitten through the spongy skin. These savoury pillows also come in sugary desserts with the Piggie Face steamed sesame buns looking so cute they’re nearly inedible. The glossy white bun is the face of the cartoon-like piggies, complete with pink ears, snout and even a bow to make pretty piglets. Black sesame paste within is nutty and sweet – expect yourself to crave them later on and regret that the Chefs’ Gallery doesn’t do takeaway.

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