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Hunter Gatherer Dinner Club

Hunter Gatherer Dinner Club Cost: $200 (Special rates for groups of 8+)

Start Date: 21/03/2010

Start Time: From 12 noon

End Date: 21/03/2010

Address: Mulloon Creek Natural Farms,  3585 Kings Highway Bungendore NSW Australia
Phone: 07 3846 6250



Category: Special Events

Event Description:
All food served will be hunted and gathered from the wild smorgasbord on offer at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms by four of Australia’s top chefs: James Kidman, National Gallery of Australia (ex Otto); Raymond Kersh, Edna’s Table; Damien Pignolet, Bistro Moncur; and Richard Purdue, Belinda Franks Catering.
The hunter gatherer offering features wild species: venison, wallaby and duck;
domestic species: beef from Angus and Devon herds, Wessex Saddleback pork and
fresh Jersey milk and cream; locally sourced trout and yabbies; the famous Mulloon Creek Farms Biodynamic Eggs; and honey, berries, herbs, wild greens and vegetables from the farm garden.

The challenge is to prepare lunch from ingredients that have gone through no more than secondary production, eg slaughter, fermenting, separating, curdling and desiccating. Full food safety production regimes will be adhered to and humanitarian protocols observed.

As well as a tour of the property and a multi-course lunch, guests will be entertained by and invited to participate in a fascinating panel discussion Out with the Pyramid and back to the Square Meal – the return to nourishment lead by the energetic Lyndey Milan. Panellists will include:
 Deborah Newell, founder of The Hunter Gatherer Dinner Club, ex food industry
personality, agricultural environmentalist and animal respecter
 Tony Coote, property owner and farmer, ex-Olympian, passionate Natural
Sequence Farming agriculturalist, Mulloon Creek Natural Farms
 Peter Ampt, Future for Australian Threatened Ecosystems
 Dr Neil Mann, Professor of Food & Nutrition, RMIT

The event will be held at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms, 2,300 hectares of high country valley in the Great Dividing Range, the original block purchased by Tony Coote (formerly of Angus and Coote), back in 1968. Tony has put considerable energy into aggregating and developing the farms into diverse, sustainable working role models of excellence for profitable biodynamic production and landscape restoration with an emphasis on research and education. Current enterprises include cattle for beef and veal; dairy cows for milk, butter and cream, and poultry for eggs. All animals graze on native pastures with some biodynamic fodder support. The commercial products from the farms include the Biodynamic Eggs are sold to retailers with plans to sell direct to the public in the future.

For more information on Mulloon Creek Natural Farms visit

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